We worked hard for this result – coach Coffigny


Coach Coffigny joins his players' victory celebration

Brno, Czech Republic, July 1, 2017 – With Cuba upsetting Russia in the first semifinal of the FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship, of course, the Cubans were extremely happy with their achievement.

Nicolas Vives Coffigny, coach of Cuba: “Of course we are very happy because at the very least we have a medal. We have worked for a long time to get this good result. We have not reached our limit yet, and we are going to fight tomorrow for an even better result.”

Adrian Eduardo Goide, captain of Cuba: “Everyone is very, very, very happy with this game. This game was very hard and was on a very good level. We came to the court to enjoy the game and we played very hard. That is why we won.”

Vladimir Khromenkov, coach of Russia: “We were expecting it to be very difficult against Cuba. Unfortunately, we produced more mistakes than Cuba and eventually lost the game.”

Konstantin Abaev, captain of Russia: “We produced many mistakes today, while the opponents were very strong.”


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