We won but still we need to improve our game - Nery Pereira Tambeiro Junior


Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, June 24, 2017 – Both captain and coach were happy with their second victory this FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship but realized they can still improve.  

Nery Pereira Tambeiro Junior, coach of Brazil: "We worked to win but you never know until the match is finished. We had many great points. However, we need to improve with our players that they don’t go after the ball all together." 

Matheus Gonçalves Silva, captain of Brazil: "The team was very focused, we are improving every game."  

JU Genuin, coach of China: "Brazil is the best team and we did not play our best in this match. Our team is younger and they are nervous." 

Zhihao Liu captain of China: "Every single player in our team did not play their best game."


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