We lost, but with this team I’m a winner – Karim Lamri


Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, July 2, 2017 – It was a tough final for the 15th place between Morocco and Czech Republic at the FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship. The coaches and captains look back on the past days. 

Ivan Pelikan, coach of Czech Republic: “It was a bad tournament for us. We played matches against good opponents. It is hard to find a right answer to what went wrong.” 

Kristian Cervinka, captain of Czech Republic: “It is sad, our first match was very important. If we could’ve won that one, we would be in the top eight. Here, we didn’t play well at all. We are happy we won today, the last match we played together as a team, we won.” 

Mohammed Abdellaoui Maan, coach of Morocco: “I would like to thank the FIVB and the Czech people for their hospitality. This tournament gave us the chance to get to know many great people. This is sport. After our result we can still be happy because we are on the right path.” 

Karim Lamri, captain of Morocco: “We lost again. We lost the championship but with this team, I’m a winner.”


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