That was not a match, it was a war - Ataei


Pawlik and Kozub in the mixed zone

Brno, Czech Republic, June 29, 2017 – Both coaches said their teams made too many mistakes during the dramatic FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship battle between Poland and Iran, which the Europeans won by 3-2 to eliminate the opponents from participation in the semifinals.

Sebastian Pawlik, coach of Poland: “We had troubles in this match. We produced stupid mistakes, but the final result is in our favour. We are in the semifinals and just waiting for the opponent.”

Lukasz Kozub, player of Poland: “We wanted to win today, but our game was not too good. Finally we did win and we are happy.”

Behrouz Ataei, head coach of Iran: “That was not a match, it was a war. Both teams showed excellent performances. The important point is that we made more mistakes. That is why Poland won the battle.”

Javad Karimisouchelmaei, player of Iran: “We made a very good match against the world champions from 2015. We tried very hard to win and we are so sad to have lost.”


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