Physical problems led to defeat - Mohammed Abdellaoui Maan


Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, June 27, 2017 – After a hard-fought clash, the coaches and captains of Morocco and Japan gave their mixed zone statements. 

Fumitoshi Tokunaga, coach of Japan: “The spikers of Morocco are very good. We are looking forward to our next match and will work for a higher ranking.” 

Kenta Takanashi, captain of Japan: “Our service and blocks were not good enough in the third set and we tried harder in the fourth set.” 

Mohammed Abdellaoui Maan, coach of Morocco: “We couldn’t extend our winning streak from the third set onwards as we experienced physical problems. We didn’t prepare for this tournament for a long time. Japan is a big nation of volleyball and technically very strong. “ 

Karim Lamri, captain of Morocco: “ We didn't play like we wanted to. Our service was not the best.”


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