Omar Aly helped Egypt perform at top level


Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, June 27, 2017 – Despite starting the second stage of the FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship in front of their home crowd, the Czech Republic were overpowered by Egypt in three straight sets in Pool G.

The Czech Republic traveled to Ceske Budejovice to fight for what’s left after their top eight elimination in this tournament. Their first match in Pool G did not go according to plan either. 

Egypt played an overall better game as their service, reception, attack and blocking were smoother.
Egyptian opposite player Omar Aly scored an impressive 13 points and outplayed the Czech Republic in three straight sets. 

The Czech Republic started their first match well and Egypt needed to warm up. But they gained strength towards the end of the set and won 25-19. 

Early in the second set, the Czechs became more competitve and opened the set very well. However their reception became weak and Egypt was more than happy to take advantage and closed the set 25-23. 

Egypt managed to even out the score early in the third set 10-10. The nerves of the Czech team were tested. However it was Egypt closing the set 25-22.


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