Matej Smidl helps Czech Republic achieving 15th place


Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, July 2, 2017 – Matej Smidl was the main power on the Czech side against their duel against Morocco, scoring 30 points in four sets, placing them on the 15th place this FIVB Men’s U21 Championship by 1-3 (25-19, 23-25, 19-25, 20-25). 

The match started with a tragedy for the Czech Republic. Morocco played a solid first set and it took the hosts by surprise. The Czechs started the second set with a different line-up on the field of play. Morocco was not far behind them on the score board. However, due to unforced errors and five aces on the Czech side, the hosts took the set. 

They continued their focused game while Morocco faced errors on their attacks. The Czech team dominated the set and had a similair tactic during the fourth and last set of this match which led the hosts to a victory during the last match of the Championship.


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