I take the blame of the fifth set on me - Donovan Dzavoronok


Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, June 29, 2017 – It was all down to a tie-break for the first and last placed in pool G: Czech Republic and Italy. What was going through the minds of the coaches and players during this five-set thriller? 

Michele Totire, coach of Italy: “I tried another system today and I’ve seen beautiful things happen. The first place in this pool is important but we wanted something else of course.” 

Riccardo Sbertoli: “We had our focus on our play and finished with a 3-2 which is important for us.”

Czech brothers Dzavoronok had some words to share. 

Donovan Dzavoronok of Czech Republic team: “It was such a thriller. I have to take the blame of the end of the fifth set on me. I had to take the points but I didn’t. I think we played good overall. This championship is not what we’ve hoped for but we have to take every set and enjoy the time we are here.” 

Matyas Dzavoronok of Czech Republic team: “We played equal throughout the match. The first three sets, we played good. We lost our focus in the fourth set. The tie-break was very close but one had to win.” 

Ivan Pelikan, coach of Czech Republic: “It is really painful. We played very bad during the fourth set. We played well during the fifth set and it didn’t happen for us.”


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