Fighting through the end


China's coach Genyin Ju and captain Zhihao Liu in the mixed zone

Brno, Czech Republic, July 1, 2017 – Both teams never gave up and fought through the end. This was the main take-away from the mixed zone statements of coaches and captains after the five-set battle between China and Canada st the FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship.

Genyin Ju, coach of China: “We have played a lot of five-set matches and all my players are tired. We fought through the end of the match. Our player Jingyi Wang played really well today. He fought a lot and so did the whole team.”

Zhihao Liu, captain of China: “We had big luck today in the tie-breaker, but in previous matches we lost in the tie-breaks. We struggled at the beginning of the first set, but we fought for five sets and we are really happy that we won.”

Gino Brousseau, coach of Canada: “Today we had our chances, but we did not make it. But our team never give up, they play through the end. For China it does not matter if they are down. They are always coming back. We do not have time to feel disappointed, because we have another match tomorrow.”

Matthew Mawdsley, captain of Canada: “Now we must forget the result of today and concentrate for tomorrow.”


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