Exhausted Russia and Brazil already thinking about semifinals


Coach Khromenkov rejoices victorious

Brno, Czech Republic, June 29, 2017 – After a long and tiresome five-set battle between them, both Russians and Brazilians are already thinking about their important semifinal matches at the FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship on Saturday.

Vladimir Khromenkov, coach of Russia: “We are happy for winning this match. Now we must prepare for the semifinal and improve our game.”

Konstantin Abaev, captain of Russia: “Brazil are a strong team with quick outside spikers. We had a lot of problems, but I am satisfied that we managed to win.”

Nery Pereira Tambeiro Junior, coach of Brazil: “We lost to a big team. Now we have to cheer up our boys, watch video tomorrow and get ready for another big game against Poland.”

Matheus Goncalves Silva, captain of Brazil: “It was a hard match against a strong opponent. We are really tired, but tomorrow is a new day. We will save energy to be ready for the semifinals.”


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