Argentina happy to finish with victory, Canada happy to have played well


Argentina's Alejandro Grossi and Ignacio Roberts after victory over Canada

Brno, Czech Republic, July 2, 2017 – While for seventh-place winners from Argentina it was good to finish the FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship with a victory what was otherwise not a good tournament for them, eighth-placed Canadians are satisfied with their performance. 

Alejandro Grossi, coach of Argentina: “I am happy that we finished this not-so-good tournament for us with a victory. My players fought hard to come back into the match and deserve the seventh place.”

Ignacio Roberts, captain of Argentina: “We had a long preparation, but the championship did not go as well as we expected. That is why we are grateful for this victory. We are so tired, but happy.”

Gino Brousseau, coach of Canada: “Today's match was with such a result, but generally we did not give up again. I am very happy with the entire tournament. Our players are university students and not to used to play at such tournaments. That is why I think our matches were very good and we managed to play well against such teams as Poland and Russia. So I am really very happy with our game and our final result at this tournament.”

Matthew Mawdsley, captain of Canada: “We are happy with the matches we played at this championship. I am satisfied with this tournament.”


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